When you're outnumbered in a fight, and so you call in black people for the win.
Shit, there's 10 of them waiting for us in the park! Call for blackup!

"When the War on Terror gets tough, you call for blackup. Barack Obama 2008!"
by Harrr February 12, 2007
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The calling in of nigras for extra assistance.
The pool is open, call for blackup!
by Anon E m us September 1, 2007
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Detroit slang for a group of African-American police officers who support or reinforce a group of white police officers.
Two white cops are writing a parking ticket outside a night club when a dozen black men rush out the door yelling and fighting one another. The cops immediately call for help on the radio. Minutes later, two cop cars with four big, black cops arrive.

Observer 1: "Wow, those white cops were in over their heads."
Observer 2: "Yep. That's why they called for blackup."
by michiganessay June 6, 2011
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Blackup is a verb used as an insult to suburban white guys who need to grow a pair of balls and become more like their African American counterparts.
Jamal: Goddamit you casper lookalike, go on and talk to that girl...

Jeff (Caspter lookalike): No you've got it easy Jamal, you're STACKED where it counts and girls make me nervous.

Jamal: Blow it out your ass and blackup Jeff.
by 03UTREX July 2, 2009
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When the white boys don't work out, always have a back up blackman in mind (your blackup)
My boyfriend cheated on me at the party last weekend, good thing I have a blackup.
by buckeyefan52 March 24, 2012
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When a white male cop pulls over an African American he needs to call in an African American female cop so that he does not get accused of racial harassment or abuse.
"Hey, Jeremiah, I was just in Miami and I saw three brothers pulled over by an old white cop. Lucky his blackup was shaking them down with her fat fingers or we could have filed a lawsuit for racial profiling."
by pitt_fresno May 9, 2014
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I got well blackup off that draw last night...
by Law July 10, 2004
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