2deep is a record label and the main rapper name is 2deep Indio where he’s the rising rapper in boston and everyone is hating on him while he’s blowing up and soon to be on top🔥🔥🗣
2deep pussy
by Boston up next December 26, 2022
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two niggas who grow up together like brothers and nobody can break them apart like a gang with only two niggas
Law and Duke are in a family gang 2deep
by Law February 20, 2005
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2 deep, could be used two different ways

1.) 2 nigga's / females that's would ride or die for each other

2.) relationship wise a female or nigga would die for their significant other
Ex 1) I'm in 2 deep for mah nigga / bitch
Ex 2) I'm 2deep just for my shawty / boo thang
by Chase dat bag August 31, 2020
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2deep is a group of bitch ass kidz from boston who think they are on dat but be running frm the beef wit they dukes
Oh shit look its dem 2deep kidz
by Mr take yalife January 19, 2022
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