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Lunch is the loneliest meal of the day. Breakfast comes first, and that is good in bed. Dinner comes after, and is also good in bed. Lunch is just alone in the middle. And don't even think about lunch and a movie, a movie is only good with dinner.
I had a small lunch so I could save everything for dinner.
by LK April 14, 2004
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niM-piM-plaah adv. to express ones dislike and dismissal of a person or situation
grrr, nimpimplah; get outta here!
by LK August 10, 2004
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Khusbu is the definition for Cool;Gangsta;out of the ordinary

originated from $CQ

You are such a Khusbu
we're gona get down KP style
by LK March 15, 2005
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NK Yo you hear that new top 5 song.

LK Neize dat top 5 trash if I see him. He finna catch a legazz.
by LK February 3, 2021
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transgendered performer who usually has not completed gender reassignment surgery but has silicon/saline breasts
Silky is one ugly titty queen
by LK January 9, 2005
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A skater is now a person who does not necessarily skate but who does wear skate gear. This is not gramatically correct as a skater SHOULD be someone who skates (given the term skater); but the term Skater has become a term used to describe a fashion, a style, a way of behaving, dressing, doing hair etc. There just are people who you look at and say Skater, regardless of whether they skate or do not skate. Sorry all you guys who hate those who dont skate! You realise that makes you as bad as a townie!
1)A skater is person who wears skate clothing- looks and behaves in a particular way; the look being the main factor that defines a 'skater'.
2)A skater is someone who can skate

**these definitions are in order of importance in todays society**
by LK December 23, 2004
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A homo that used to chat in the sports and rec area of MSN chat.
RoyboyFUBX: Hey Jagg
(*)Jagg(*): hi
by LK January 4, 2004
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