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CMRCL Locals (used in US and UK)
by LGBTR December 21, 2020
Business Learning Zone - BizLz or BIZ LZ
by LGBTR December 25, 2020
Mercado Comum do Sul (PT)
Mercado Común del Sur (ES)

The acronym MERCOSU is a neutral or erroneous form of writing for use in Portuguese and Spanish, as it does not use the letters L or R of the words Sur (South) in Spanish and Sul (South) in Portuguese.
Detran-PB estipula novo prazo para implantação de placas com padrão MERCOSU.
by LGBTR September 10, 2019
Asian continent and Australian continent
I m from Asian and Australian continents region - AsiaAU or AsiaAu.
by LGBTR January 2, 2021
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resources


Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Races
by LGBTR May 4, 2019
Abbreviation for Romanized organization in European-Slavic and Cyrillic languages.
Orgj. is the Romanized abbreviation for organization in European-Slavic and Cyrillic languages.

Languages: English

BOSNIUM = Organizacija

CROATA = Organizacija

SLOVENIAN = Organizacija

FRISIO = Organisaasje

LITUANO = Organizacija

MACEDONIO = Организација

MALTESE = Organizzazzjoni

NORWEGIAN = Organisasjonen

POLACO = Organizacja

SERBIAN = Организација
by LGBTR January 5, 2021