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Word comes from Spain. Very popular last name for people of a latin descent. Translated in english means "Market." Can be very annoying to have last name since many people know what Mercado means and like to tell you what it means.
Person 1: "Hey your last name is Mercado."
Person 2: "Yeah"
Person 1: "Do you know what your last name means?"
Person 2: "Yeah"
Person 1: "It means Market." (Laughing)
Person 2 then stabs person 1 in the eye laughing saying I already told you I knew. You stupid fuck.
by LaLa Peeps July 17, 2008
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To defecate in one's pants whilst trying to release gas.
Bro, I just fucking Mercadoed my fucking drawers trying to sneak that burrito air love out my shit slit. Game over for today.
by mean-e April 22, 2010
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Nickname for the less commonly known MRSA. A medically resistant strain of staff infection.
person 1 -OMG, I heard you have a bunch of mercado floating around your place.
person 2 -Yeah it's just some flesh eatin bacteria, that anti-biotics can not cure but it will work itself out.
by mdub-ya May 13, 2008
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