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Great British actor who nails every performance down. Like Johnny Depp, he's a terrific actor who's attracting too many idiot, MTV-influenced girls who only like him only for his looks rather than talent.

His well-known movies/performances are; The Talented Mr. Ripley, Road to Perdition, Closer, eXisTenz, Cold Mountain, A.I. etc.
Jude Law is a great actor. I maybe a heterosexual male, but I ain't gonna lie, he's a handsome bastard!
by Kyle March 22, 2005
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A guy that no matter how many women love him, no matter how pretty he is, no matter how many over-the-hill milfs he dates, will Never be able to act.

No ladies, we don't hate him because we're jealous. We hate him because he's a no-talent dumbass and we're sick of it. Y'know, the same reason you all hate Pamela Anderson.
Did you hear about the movie Cameron Crowe was set to direct, starring Kirsten Dunst? They gave Ashton an audition and he was so bad they never called him back. Absolutely true story, look it up yourself.
by Kyle September 07, 2004
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the best sex godess ever
Last night was great with steff.
by kyle May 07, 2003
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A President and human-being so ridiculous that you wish Clinton was back in office.
Where's Clinton when you need him?
by Kyle February 23, 2005
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1,026. preach it:

to encourage someone to contnue with his or her impassioned rant.

person A:"I prefer diet coke over regular coke"

person B:"preach it!"

A user said this should be deleted:

"lunarshadowsbot says: what is this? this type of shit is not needed at ud!"
"lunarshadowsbot says: what is this? this type of shit is not needed at ud!"
by Kyle February 15, 2005
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Built Like A Fighter. A term sometimes used to refer to UFC President Dana White. An article once described White as being "built like a fighter".
Guy #1: BLAF came out and called Tito a puss for ducking their sparring match.

Guy #2: BLAF? Who's that?

Guy #1: Dana White, dude.
by Kyle April 17, 2007
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<n.> Respect and deference to which one feels entitled by virtue of status, age, or importance in the community.
"I'm sick of these damned politicians taking our votes for granted, without giving us our propers. They dis us."
by Kyle February 21, 2004
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