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Somone who thinks their "tough as" but are usually seen crying because someones said something about their mum.

They are seen wearing branded sports ware, hoodies, track suit bottoms, "bling", cap, and the chavettes carry knock off handbags like "Channel" and "D&G", short skirts (with curry stains on them) high heels, huge hooped earings that are big enough for Dolphins to jump through, and hoodies (taken from their ex partners).

Usually hang outside take aways like Mc Donalds and Burger king, Parks, and on the streets.

Chavettes are mainly fat and get pregnant at the age of 12 and by the age of 20 end up with 14 kids with names like Mercedes, Roxy, Brooklyn, Lambrini, Cherri, Chantelle, Preston (seen as a classy name for a baby chav), Klloee (Like Chloe), Clayton, Paris, Whitney, Chardonnay, Kandi, and Bentley
Chav: Awright baybe. How'z about we goes get a kabab and go clubbin'?

Chavette: Oi fuck aff! Ya know they wont let me in tha clubs, am only 14. Plus am feedin' for 2 now, go get me a large kabab.

Chav: Yahh awright. Oi! Lambrini get aurf that fuckin' dog!

*Baby chav Brooklyn pee's on carpet*

Chavette: Fuck me! Put 'im outside would'ya?

*Chav picks up baby and put's him in the garden. It is night time*

Chav 2: Ay! Look oo' it iz blud! *gives baby bottle of beer*

Chav: C'mon baybe. Letz go out "n" get pissed.

Chavette: Fyne! Put that Cbeebies on for em. That'll keep em' entertained. Fuck! That Tam keeps sendin' me textes (chav word for text) sayin' I stole 'er babeh (chav word for baby)
by Kumii September 22, 2009

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When two gay lovers adopt a baby.
Gay + Baby = Gayby

*Or, can be used to offend someone (see below)
Gay 1: Hunny, lets adopt children.

Gay 2: But what about the dogs?

Gay 1: So what about the dogs? I really want a Gayby!

Child 1: Your dads are gay, right?

Gaybe: Yeah...

Child 2: Ew! Gayby!!! *points*

Woman: You can't adopt a child!

Gay 1: Why not lady?

Woman: Because that'll make your adopted child a Gayby!

*Girl 1: Ugh! Your baby brother is so annoying! Why wont he shutup?

Girl 2: I know... He's such a Gayby.

*Boy 1: Dude, you still play with Lego?

Boy 2 : Yeah, it's awesome!

Boy 1: You're such a Gayby!
by Kumii September 22, 2009

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Irish word used for "fuck"
Chav: Oi, what the fuck are yew lookin' at blud?

Irish guy: Ah, feck aurf!

Guy: *Carrying hot drinks* Who want's cof-- *Walks into Irish bloke*

Irish guy: Oh fecking hell!
by Kumii September 22, 2009

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