Why you cryin? You're such a Gaybe
by abscar October 15, 2008
A nickname people give to people named gabe
by Jehebeueeh May 6, 2021
When two gay lovers adopt a baby.
Gay + Baby = Gayby

*Or, can be used to offend someone (see below)
Gay 1: Hunny, lets adopt children.

Gay 2: But what about the dogs?

Gay 1: So what about the dogs? I really want a Gayby!

Child 1: Your dads are gay, right?

Gaybe: Yeah...

Child 2: Ew! Gayby!!! *points*

Woman: You can't adopt a child!

Gay 1: Why not lady?

Woman: Because that'll make your adopted child a Gayby!

*Girl 1: Ugh! Your baby brother is so annoying! Why wont he shutup?

Girl 2: I know... He's such a Gayby.

*Boy 1: Dude, you still play with Lego?

Boy 2 : Yeah, it's awesome!

Boy 1: You're such a Gayby!
by Kumii September 22, 2009
omg u are such a gaybe!
Gaybe is a dumbass!
by Forrestdumbass September 29, 2020
No car, no license, no job, no money, no cell phone, sleeps on couch, doesn't pay rent, smokes to much reefer, has faggalicious friends, short, small genitalia.
"That was a Gaybe Move"
by Kaitie Taylor January 23, 2008
Someone who was not born a homosexual but chooses to be one. A wannabe gay. A Gaybe
"Yesterday I was mackin' wit Joey, today I be wit Cindy."

"Oh ok, you a gaybe."
by KASECHRIST August 4, 2009