what your sexual orientation officially is when you're not sure whether or not you're gay.
"Wait a minute! You're a fudge packer aren't you?"
by Nick D May 16, 2003
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A fake athlete, trader, and last but not least male. Likes to lie, impersonate, dress up like Brigitte Bardot .Participates daily in delusional thoughts of grandeur without merit. Normally found near the school yard playing grab ass with his life mate soutwoman.
gaybe married stoutwoman to simplify the tax return. Uncle Sam was the witness.
by gaybe December 28, 2004
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someone who is thought to be gay, that everyone has their suspicions about, but hasnt come out yet so no one really knows
"Dude, Ronnie is such a gaybe."
"I know! The only videos he has on his iPod are about trannys and gays!"
by yo-yo-biz February 11, 2008
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a mexican man whos named gabe and eats penis for dinner. he enjoys anal sex and hotdogs from jakes and not to mention large bowls of steaming man chowder.
why is travis being gaybe???
by boobsDDmcgee February 27, 2009
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When two gay lovers adopt a baby.
Gay + Baby = Gayby

*Or, can be used to offend someone (see below)
Gay 1: Hunny, lets adopt children.

Gay 2: But what about the dogs?

Gay 1: So what about the dogs? I really want a Gayby!

Child 1: Your dads are gay, right?

Gaybe: Yeah...

Child 2: Ew! Gayby!!! *points*

Woman: You can't adopt a child!

Gay 1: Why not lady?

Woman: Because that'll make your adopted child a Gayby!

*Girl 1: Ugh! Your baby brother is so annoying! Why wont he shutup?

Girl 2: I know... He's such a Gayby.

*Boy 1: Dude, you still play with Lego?

Boy 2 : Yeah, it's awesome!

Boy 1: You're such a Gayby!
by Kumii September 22, 2009
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a welcher, someone with poor spelling and grammar skills, a braggart
That guy was such a gaybe. First he made a bet, then he refused to pay up. What a gaybe!
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
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