Polish meanings:

1. Part of a body -> "Ass"

2. Slang meaning for "chick". Word used mostly by men.

3. Slang meaning for "girlfriend".

4. About somebody -> "Clumsy" "Looser" or "Stupid"

A saying: "No i dupa" or "Dupa!" means that something did not work out.
1. Boli mnie dupa. ( My ass hurts).
2. Popatrz! Ale dupa! (Look! What a chick!)
3. Poszedl do swojej dupy. (He went to his girlfriend.)
4. Ale z ciebie dupa. (You are so clumsy). Jestes dupa. (You are a looser).
by Aga_Aero May 2, 2006
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origin, polish means, ass
you bet you're dupa I'm Polish
by mybetralfispolish September 12, 2003
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"Terry you're a major dupa for doing that!"
by krys March 16, 2005
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A man's FUPA, from 'dude' + 'FUPA.' The male equivalent of a FUPA (Fat Upper Pubic Area), a term which is commonly understood to refer to women (it is also known as Fat Upper Pussy Area or gunt, from 'gut' + 'cunt,' for example). The under the belt area of a pot belly.
Q: Did you see that guy's dupa?

A: Yeah, I couldn't stop staring, it was amazing.
by yourmichelle February 7, 2010
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In polish, it literally means bishop's ass.
The dupa was hell frickin' large.
by Meepaera December 19, 2019
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Dupa is a Polish word for ass. You might hear it in places consisting of third or fourth generation immigrants from Europe like Cleveland Ohio.
"Did you wipe your dupa taday!?" - Grandma
by swinemeat October 20, 2017
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Adverb used in place of dope or cool. Shortened way of saying "super duper cool". Often used by skateboarders and snowboarders and others who keep it real on the daily.
1. "Yo, that backside 720 was Dupa!"

2. "Have you seen the teacher today? She's looking Dupa!"

3. "Where did you get that Dupa-ass shirt at?"
by thewolfman February 20, 2009
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