12 definitions by Kooper113

A cool swordsman who uses three swords. Don't even bother trying to fight him, you'll lose. I mean it. What? What cheese? I have no idea what you're talking about.
"Zoro has three swords... He can also kill people who ride on little wheel things... And clowns... And stuff... He's cool."
by Kooper113 August 29, 2004
Always within his older brothers shadow, Luigi is always "Player #2." He likes long walks on the beach, his hat hand washed, and brutally murdering mutant turtle dragons. He'd do anything to get into the spotlight for just once.
"It's-a me, a-Luigiiiiiii!!!!!"
by Kooper113 August 30, 2003
The greatest enemy I've ever seen since.. Ever. Robots are so cool, Sonic isn't, so if you put them together, you get the most awesome thing ever. Metal Sonic could kick your ass, your mom's ass, and even his own if he wanted to.
Sonic hasn't defeated Metal Sonic so far, but will he ever...?

No. No he won't.
by Kooper113 August 29, 2004
A friend to the world of Paint Shop Pro and Nintendo. He really loves SPGLink's zany charaters, and loves to chat on the AWN Message Board. He also enjoys talking in third person.
"Sup' B?" ~ Kooper113
by Kooper113 August 26, 2003
A cheap ripoff of Mewtwo. I mean, they both come from space.. And.. Um... Wait, no they don't... Uhh... Shit... They're uh.... Both are psychic! But Mewtwo came first! What a rip off!!!
"Mewtwo has gone through Mako Energy. Deoxys is a little bitch from space. Mewtwo wins."
by Kooper113 August 29, 2004