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See: Teachers, Police Officers, School board, Religious people, the Church, the media, the government and state, and Psychiatrists. Basically, controlling dipshits in society who want you to be a good little robot and conform to their rules and standards and lose your individuality.

They enforce the Status Quo and believe that they can tell you what to Do, Think, Say, Act and everything else.
My life would be so much better without being brainwashed and taken advantage of by those stupid mind nazis.
by Kongamuse October 27, 2011
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A French nickname for a depressive, gloomy, melancholic person. Can also be spelled Mélanchon in Standard French.

Interesting historical factoid: This name was given to Pierre Laverdure ("Pierre the Green") a French colonist from La Rochelle, in Western France, who settled in Nova Scotia and Quebec. All Quebec and Louisiana Cajuns who bear this last name are all descended from him, and all are related to each other at some point. See: cousins

Laverdure was known for witnessing many tragedies in his life, and suffering from bouts of traumatic melancholia. Hence his nickname given by other colonists.

Pronounced: May-la'h-sa'h (letter N's are usually silent in French, after the first letter)
"Le pauvre petit Mélançon"
by Kongamuse June 1, 2013
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This is the biggest bullshit ever. We had it all. One powerful country that went down to the fucking toilet.

I am from Croatia and I can live aside my fellow Serbian like brothers; but you people are too uptight about your "national pride" to do so. You ruin a good country. Fuck racism. Fuck you all. Fuck fascism. Fuck nationalism.
Yugoslavia was a good vision of a country that should never have broken up.
by Kongamuse January 22, 2012
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A whole country that is almost as big as China and America but has less people in it than the US state of Texas.
Why is Australia so underpopulated??
by Kongamuse September 9, 2011
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A hilarious occurrence in which a fat fuck's heart vessel gets clogged up by years of being fat.
After years of being warned to take care of his health, the fat, ugly obese man finally died of an agonizing heart attack. Good riddance, for he was a complete and total waste of space on the Earth.
by Kongamuse January 4, 2011
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God I LOVE seeing people fail. It's so hilarious. I hope the whole economy collapses and anarchy and chaos and riots ensue.

Overpopulation is bad. We need to kill off several billion people with disease and starvation. The more of this pathetic mess of a species is wiped out, the better.

We also need to establish a totalitarian governmental dictatorship that reign over the idiotic majority. The remaining idiotic masses can be serfs and wage slaves since they already do not seem to mind it now, and since their minds are already on such a retarded level.

We'll work 'em hard. Like they're in boot camp.

If the serfs act up and do not do what the dictators tell them, we'll just torture them. Amputate them without anesthesia; rip off their limbs. See how they like that.

"Fuck the economy! I hope it goes to shit! Fuck you all!" - Me

And here come the thumbs down!

Quit whining you turds. No pain = no gain.
by Kongamuse February 17, 2011
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