A well mannered mature man who has a soft heart but hides it well.
I was talking to Butch yesterday and I never realized it, but he is really a good clovis.
by Butch46 May 17, 2011
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Punk ace town.

Either you love it here or you hate it here.

There is no in between.

Nothing to do.

Town lives for football. GO WILDCATS!

Too much traffic.

Iddy biddy living space.
Clovis, New Mexico? Where's that? How did you get over the border?
by kstar2008 February 27, 2009
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Clovis is a town in New Mexico that you don't want to go to in the summer or the winter for that matter. There are flies everywhere and you can't even put your burger down for three seconds before two flies land on it. There's crazy people and meth heads everywhere, and stupid stores called Allsups. You've got your crack whores, prostitutes and the only beautiful people you see there are at the Cannon Air Force Base; and they're beautiful because they're from other places. The natives are all ugly motherfuckers with bad attitudes. The only good place to eat is Chili's. Oh! And the roads! If you spend a whole week there you'll have to replace your tires at the end of the week.
Eg: (In Clovis) What the fuck is that smell? Oh, it's all the cow shit!
by Ghoulia December 17, 2012
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He was the worst king in the history. Despite the adversity of having a crackwhore mother and a lazy, jobless father, he was able to become a King. But then his downfall came when he started to become lazy like his father and promiscuous like his both parents. He engages in having sex everyday with his random slaves until he accidentally raped a promising woman in the government that does not follow the rules of the king.
Clovis was labelled as the worst king written in history.
by Kcalfé January 11, 2023
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The name of the monster of the 2008 horror film, Cloverfield.
Did anyone find leaked pics of Clovie, yet?
by Jordon Lowndes January 20, 2008
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The City of Clovis was named after its public spirited pioneer, Clovis M. Cole, a man who spent nearly all of his life in the vicinity. Clovis is the "Better part of Fresno" and has a wonderful school district. Located in the northeast quadrant of the Fresno-Clovis Metropolitan Area, Clovis is situated in the midst of the agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley. Since its incorporation in 1912, Clovis has been the "Gateway to the Sierra."
Clovis? Oh... Clovis.... the better part of Fresno.
by LordOrman December 28, 2006
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