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The email account you give away to people or businesses you don't want to hear from. Usually used to get free samples.
That Red Bull representative wouldn't give me a free sample unless I gave her my email address, so I gave her my secondary email
by Kircus February 18, 2010

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Someone who considers believing in folklore, old wives tales, or good luck but doesn't take them serious enough to put them into everyday practice.
John has been told to stay away from the Bermuda Triangle because it is believed to have mysterious disappearances. Though he enjoys hearing stories about these disappearances, John is normalstitious and doesn't take these tales seriously. Usually without hesitation, John flies over the area anyway.
by Kircus June 27, 2010

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When your shit flies out of your ass so fast that it creates a large splash. ultimately washing your ass.
Dude 1: Dude!!!

Dude 2: What man?

Dude 1: That one was a butt washer!!!

Dude 2: Nice.
by kircus May 07, 2009

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A condition that affects men with small penises and no balls. In order to compensate for their lack of size and balls, and usual lack of expertise, men suffering from the syndrome drive Cameros.
I didn't dare chance a sexual encounter with him after I discovered that he had the Camero Syndrome.
by Kircus February 09, 2011

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The unexpected juice that comes out of your anus while farting. Usually happening when you are trying to impress your friends or in largly populated public places.
Dude, I think ted is smuggling some trouser chilly.
by kircus May 15, 2009

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