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Before The reinaissance
by Kimmy Il May 2, 2022
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Former BTS member or something Idk
Junkook: kim jong un was our best member such a shame he went on to become supreme leader of our neighbour to the north.
by Kimmy Il May 2, 2022
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A time when Europe was basically Africs minus the ebola and colonialism
by Kimmy Il May 2, 2022
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Benitoes are hot and often bald they are Italian and really like the Roman empire and want it to come back. They are often seen with German and Japanese people. They also wear black shirts and sometimes have funny hats, really good at speech making. Whilst they love to show off their masculinity, deep down they are loving and caring and almost certainly will not cheat on you
Did you see Benito?
Yeah the Black shirt? He is dreamy
by Kimmy Il May 2, 2022
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Hello John where is Kim Jong Un from?
Thee wonderful tourist location North Korea
by Kimmy Il May 2, 2022
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Boys named Adolf are usually of Austrian heritage although is in love with Germany and will only date women of the Germanic race. Despite this he will love you he is cute and likes painting and is quite political talking about the jews and economic depression. He will also have a funny moustache and say the phrase Hail victory (boys like Adolf also want Poland to be part of Germany don't ask me why) Also great at speeches
Girl 1: Omg have you seen Adolf????
Girl 2:Oh? You mean that dreamy Austrian boy? I love him and think he is cute.🇩🇪
by Kimmy Il May 2, 2022
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