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by Killtodie July 20, 2004
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The Clan Formerly Known As SEKS takes up a new name, The Seksonic Legion, an Uber WoW Guild on the Horde side who ganks n00bs and gains 1 inch to penis length for each n00b ganked.
Remeber kids, Everytime you gank a n00b your penis grows an inch. :D
by Killtodie November 15, 2004
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The Uber WoW Clan which resides on the Burning Legion server. Now gaining 2 inch in penis lenth for ganking a Mofo member :)
Remember kids, double points for ganking a Mofo! :D
by Killtodie November 29, 2004
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Same as above, but using Cosmo disqualifies you from gaining 1 inch in penis length from ganking a n00b. GG Mofo.
My penis withered away because I'm a Cosmo using pussy.
by Killtodie December 02, 2004
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A driver who has very little experience behind the wheel, doesnt necessarily drive a toyota, but most often its the car of choice.
These drivers can be seen doing the following:
1. driving too slow
2. keeping a huge following distance
3. not paying attention to surrounding traffic
4. not letting you pass
5. sitting behind a snow plow not letting anyone pass nor mater how much you honk at them
6. driving like dipshits
7. taking over 30 seconds to reach the speed limit in the left lane and not pass up the slower moving car in the right
8. basically anyone who doenst know how to drive or knows anything about a car, they usually purchase a toyota with hubcaps and drive like morons.
that fuckin toyota driver was holding up the whole fuckin road, going 45 in a 55! I cant believe that fucker, wouldnt let anyone get around him
by Killtodie February 16, 2008
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