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Phrase with negative connotation used to describe a negative situation, person, or event. Derivative of the word Fuck. Its structure is similar to that of a Scottish surname, but its usage neither requires nor implies that the its intended subject need be a Scot.
"Did you hear what Bill O'Reilly said the other day?"
"I sure did! I fucking hate that Fucky McFuckface!"
by KilleR R0b0T February 14, 2010

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A machine commonly found in restrooms which (according to its pictographs) is a dispenser of delicious cooked pork product. Unfortunately, a working model has never been encountered, as when the button is pressed, the machine only emits hot air out of what should be the bacon spout.
"I wish somebody would fix this bacon dispenser because I sure am hungry!"
by KilleR R0b0T February 16, 2010

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Word bearing no meaning in any current language.

As new available combinations of unused syllables grows ever smaller, usable wordage is at a premium. As society advances, it continues to require new words to describe new things or ideas. This word is a possible candidate for use in human language.
"Someday we'll use skipdiggler to solve the mysteries of the universe."
by KilleR R0b0T February 15, 2010

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Phrase used as a verb. The use of mammals of the family Ursidae, (commonly known as bears) to cause a person death through violent acts primarily directed towards the face.
"Have you heard what happened to Sally?" "Yeah. Tragic. I heard she got murdered in the face with bears."
by KilleR R0b0T February 15, 2010

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Noun. Used to describe an elusive or imaginary audio effect which would transform a lackluster recording into a stellar one. The Three-Nine Effect is often confused with audio effects such as reverb, delay and compression. Companies such as Waves, which makes audio recording software, is believed by most studio clients to have a patent on the Three-Nine Effect, and as such recordings cannot be made without it. This, of course, is false, as the Three-Nine Effect is only a myth.

Occasionally misspelled or mispronounced as "Tree Nine Effec".

Synonymous with Quack.
"Do you have the Tree Nine Effec"?
"The Three-Nine Effect? I'm sorry. I really don't know what that is."
"You professional studio! You don't know what is Tree Nine Effec?! My friend have a studio! He know!"
"Is that a reverb or something?"
by KilleR R0b0T February 14, 2010

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A general term for system crash, abnormal behavior, or any negative occurrences when working in Digidesign Pro Tools.
"My session was running smoothly until it digiwonked on me, and I got a spinning beach ball of death.
by KilleR R0b0T February 21, 2010

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A quantity. Like a gaggle of geese, or a school of fish. When multiple soldiers (4 or more) congregate together in the same area, they form a social group known as a Bastard.

A bastard does not have a distinct size or number of soldiers within it. Separate individual bastards in near proximity to each other may eventually merge into a larger, more powerful bastard.
"Go over to that bastard of soldiers and get one of them knuckleheads for me."
by KilleR R0b0T February 15, 2010

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