A word to describe someone's use of words.
"Hey you have really good wordage."
"I've got good wordage!"
"Your wordage is so lame!"
by Daniel Hough April 12, 2004
wordage is a word to express the way the person puts words together to make a witty phrase
friend1:I have a large seashell collection, which I keep scattered on beaches all over the world.

friend 2: ha ha ha thts not funny ,but nice go on the wordage
by blakey427 October 28, 2009
To comment on a specific word in somebodys vocabulary.
"That's a good use of wordage"
by kezuke May 30, 2007
The act of creating, either intentionally or accidentally, a new word that formerly did not, yet should, exist.
My English teacher marked down my essay because I was wordaging when I wrote "Dudevorce" while discussing the Beatles.
by PookieFluffyBunnyBear May 2, 2009