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a car that is fast but the owners always drive slow as fock in them and hold traffic up because they're retired and they can go on a gay little sunday cruise and go 5mph under the limit in a car that can go nearly 200mph, when other mofos gotta get their own ass to work. god damn i fucking tail them in my 50hp diesel vw.
corvette driver: "god damn I love listening to Cher"

follower: "Sunday is three days from now you motherfucker!!! go ahead and blow the dust off the gasy pedal and fucking move. you know that car has more than one mother fucking gear! if i paid for a fucking corvette and ran fucking 93 octane in that son of a bitch i wouldn't waste that fucking shit that's worth more than fucking gold driving like a fucking panzee ass gay son of a bitch!!!! i mean come on it's like buying a fucking battle ship to go fucking bass fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Key Dawg June 19, 2006
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Cars that were built in America by American companies from the late 50's until 1972 during the oil crisis where they all sucked, they in the 80's they began to pick up again with the fox body mustang, mercury capri, iroc camaro, monte carlo ss, and buick grand national. They are popularly mistaken as having. Common misconceptions of muscle cars are as follows, poor handling, poor fuel effeciency, poor suspension, and chassis. But take a step back 30 years and compare them to other cars of the time. You may notice that they are some of the fastest best handling cars of there time. And yes they are heavy, but so were most cars of the time, no matter who manufactured them. Today muscle cars basically destroy any other cars on the track, take Le manns for example where the corvette wins basically every race. Again they are becoming popular for racing, with turns, as pointed out in the past few issues of hot rod magazine which featured a camaro and a chevelle, both from the 60's, which destroy european cars on the track.

poor handling is often attributed to muslce cars which is usually true since most muscle cars are set up by their owners for the drag strip, where of course, they also dominate. Seriously, do you expect a car with 20 inch wide tires in the back and 3 inch wide tires in the front, and a big block v8 engines in between the front wheels to beat anyone in a turn?

I drive a volkswagen, and I am deeply into european cars, but seriously if you don't know anything about american muscle cars, keep your mouth shut. If you weren't so biased and you knew what you were talking about maybe you would seem a tad more intellegent
camaro, chevelle, vega, charger, fire bird, gt, gran torina, skylark, cutlass, 442, mustang, gto, corvette, roadrunner, baracuda, grand national, monte carlo, nova
by key dawg December 09, 2004
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The outer part of a wheel that supports a tire. The urban definition of rim would be the entire wheel. Obviously some people were very unknowledgable to cars and now rim means wheel, how gay.
"I bent the rim on my bike, good thing I don't have to buy and entire wheel."

"Yo DaWg, tHoSe rImS aRe hIpE!!!"
by Key dawg July 24, 2004
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let's straighten out all you unknowlegable dingle berrys.

First off, the vette has and always will have an amazing suspenion. the c5 z06 pulled a full 1.0g on the skid pad stock.

Secondly the vette is fast in a straight line as well, it can run an 11.6 in the quarter mile stock.

now that you have all been enlightened a little bit, go buy a vette, then judge it.
"Wow that vette hadles the turns like no car i have ever seen."

"The full 1.0g and 51/49 balance are probably why"

"but damn it's fast in the quarter mile too"

"a vette is a well rounded car"
by key dawg October 17, 2004
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A car that debuted in america in 1980. All a1 jetts were produced in germany and weighed around 2000 pounds, generally lighter than 2000lbs. The car is small economical, easy to work on, and very reliable. 1984 was the last year for the a1 jetta, which could come with a 1.6 diesel, or 1.6 turbo diesel motor, each easily capable of 50+mpg. The more common jetta featured a 1.7l gas motor, and the sport model came with a peppy 1.8l jh 4 cylinder, and a close ratio 5 speed transmission. In 1985 the jetta got a redesign a little bigger, but still a jetta. Optional motors were the 1.6 diesel, 1.6 turbo diesel, and 1.6 ecodiesel, various 8v gas motors, and a 1.8 or 2.0 16v motor. in 1993 the mk3 jetta debut, really this car is extremely to heavy, and i would only ever consider an mk3 as a daily driver. anything after the mk3 is pretty useless to even think about
"that 2 door 1981 diesel jetta that key dawg owns is rather sweet"
by Key Dawg October 22, 2005
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A correction to my recent submission

corvette skidpad: .99g
skyline skidpad: .95g

You can spend all the money you would like to make a skyline faster than a corvette, but i could spend far less and make a corvette even faster than your skyline.
"key dawg can't type messed up a little when he was typing"
by Key dawg July 24, 2004
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An over rated car that no one can shutup about. they think its the best cause it can have over 1000hp and because it was in fast and the furious. A car commonly pwned by the American Chevrolet Corvette.

A corvette even out handles a skyline

corvette skid pad: .99g
skyline skid pad: .99g

corvette Slalom Speed: 70.3mph
skyline Slalom Speed: 60.8mph

corvette 1/4 mile: 12.5 seconds
skyline 1/4 mile: 13.8 seconds

yeah a modefied skyline can kill a corvette. but a modefied corvette can kill a skyline. Plus if you want to bring up the veilside skylines and such I would have to bring up the lingenfelter corvette that runs a 9 second quartermile.
"yo i saw a skyline in fast and the furious and it has like 1000hp and NOS that means it is the best car ever and i will keep talking about and i won't shutup about it"
by Key dawg July 24, 2004
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