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short for "just hanging"
commonly used in instant messaging
Sk8terBoi5: hey whats up?
SoccerChic9: nm u?
Sk8terBoi5: jh
by LINGERER April 12, 2007
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Short for "Jackson Hole", the name of the valley surrounding Jackson, Wyoming-home to the famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort which touts a 100-person tram with a 4,100' vertical ascent in just 8 minutes, the world famous ski run named Corbet's Couloir, and a 128 day long season which observes just under 500" of annual snowfall. Several celebrities such as Travis Rice, Dick Cheney, Harrison Ford, Nelson Mandela, Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Lynn Dryfus, and many others call JH home for at least part of the year.
"What are your plans for winter?"
"I'm going to JH, so I can ride Corbet's one time before I die, that is if I don't die while attempting to ride it."
by M.A. Lewis October 22, 2009
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The pairing of the couple Jackie and Hyde from "That '70s Show" uses the first letter of the couples' first name.
by Domiiiii January 22, 2007
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Slang term used for Junoir High.
JHS is used interchangebly. It stands for Junoir High School.
This term is more commonly used in Canada, as the US often refers to grades 7-9 as Middle School
Man, I hated JH. All the people were fake, the teachers were lame, and the school sucked.
by xcassalina September 03, 2010
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"Jimi Hendrix". Artists are usually rotten in counterstrike-like games...
by Kilgayne August 30, 2003
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To seriously overcharge on an item;
most commonly used in reference to pizza
Kid: how much is that slice?
Jordan: 6.50
Kid: *grumbles* thats friggen JH
by Shooter March 08, 2005
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JH is an acronym for John Hewitt (1907-1987) born in Belfast. He described himself as "an Irishman of planter stock, by profession an art gallery man, politically a man of the left".
JH was Keeper of Art at the Ulster Museum 1930-57. From 1957-72 he was Director of the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry. He retired and returned to Belfast, where he became a Director of the Lyric Theatre. Among his published works are his "Collected Poems" (1968), "Out of My Time" (1974) and "Time Enough" (1976). Other published works include a book on the painter Colin Middleton and one which JH edited The Poems of William Allingham. There is a bar/restaurant named The John Hewitt Bar at 51, Donegall Street, Belfast
by Criostoir Hulme October 20, 2005
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