An annoying but pretty sweet girl

She has low self esteem but she’s

Pretty and loves her hobby a lot

Would give up the whole world for her friends

Who are also her family ♥️
She’s a hardworking girl with pretty good grades
Girl 1 : I wish I could be like Ryza in basketball

Girl 2 : I wish she would shut up about basketball
by AsianMamba August 2, 2018
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Ryza (Rai- Zuh) is a divine being with the ability to completely harness and control lightning at will.
Look at the intense raging lightning. Ryza must be furious.
by ChrisHarris91 January 11, 2015
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the prettiest girl ever. She is loved and an amazing person. Love you ry!
ryza cookie is the best
by saeko is hot March 7, 2021
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