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Acronym for "What would I do?"

This is commonly used in roleplay (like D&D, for example) when you're RPing as yourself and must stop to think "What would I do?" before you make your character take an action. Otherwise, you'd say it when faced with a very tough decision. This is somewhat similar to WWJD.

You also say this before someone's going to get themselves killed, and you don't know what you'd do without them.
1. "Hmm, alone, and surrounded by 10 bloodthirsty shadow dragons. WWID?"
"I could buy some pizza, or some tacos. WWID?"

2. "WWID if you died? I don't know - that's what!"
by Kenthar April 10, 2004
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Abbreviation of "What would Ishler do?", meaning to study as much as humanly possible, and then a little bit more.
"I have nothing to do, and I have a chemistry final in a few days. WWID?"
by CannibalGuppy May 01, 2005
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WHAT WOULD I DO ? Never mind what other people would do, just do YOUR OWN THING !!
my girlfriends mother wants to give me a bj! w.w.i.d ?
by Glenno November 18, 2007
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What Would Iceland Do. Kinda the opposite of what would Jesus do. - So more or less set out to blow your top and Disrupt entire countries.
That dude just left with your girlfriend and your car, What you gonna do?

by Redsalamander April 19, 2010
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