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Birkenhead is a shit hole town, Across the River Mersey from Liverpool. The people of Birkenhead are the Chavs of Chavs, alcoholic, crackheads, wanna be gangsters and so called hard men, make up the small inbred population. Getting pregnant at 14 by your boyfriend of 28 who happens to be a mate of your dad is perfectly normal, and part of Birkenhead culture. Birkenhead girls have large breasts and some are deeply attractive if a little tarty or chavtastic. A good time in Birkenhead is drinking cider outside Mac Donalds on a Saturday night, followed by a punch up and shagging a underaged girls at the back of Asda.
Birkenhead is a shit hole full of chavs and crackheads. Birkenhead
by kent brockman April 09, 2013

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A Man Beast is a fat ugly, extremely large built female. These grotesque creatures, can be found in any UK city and seem to have many kids by different fathers. Man Beasts offen wear ill-fitting leggings and tight armless tops, to show off their disgusting fat bodies, and flabby arms covered in tattoos as a sign of pride. Very slow and unintelligent, these creatures can be herd screaming and swearing at their kids in public. The male partners of these creatures, are smaller by comparison, not very tall and skinny due to the lack of food.
Jesus that thing is over there, with the three kids is built like a brick shit house Man Beast
by kent brockman April 22, 2013

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Normanstan or it's proper name Normanton, is large suburb outside Derby City Centre. Normanton was originally a respectable middle class area of Derby. Since the 1960's the area has been subject to large amounts of ethnic minorities from India, Pakistan and other Asian Countries. Hence the name Normanstan. The area has since become a ghetto and a no go area for white people after dark.
Well I need my passport to go shopping in Normanton? Normanstan
by kent brockman March 20, 2013

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A person who spends their free time wirting pointless letters and posting worthless comments in local newspapers, A person who watches daytime TV quiz shows such as Eggheads, The Chase and Pointless. He will always say how much more interteligent, he is, than the contestants on said shows. A person who thinks they know everything about anything, when really they don't. A person who reads the Socialist Worker newspaper and buys the Big Issue, to show his grassroots views when actually, he lives in a council house.
Joe thinks he could do better on Eggheads and claims to know everything. The man is full of shit Armchair intellectuals
by kent brockman March 20, 2013

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Blackman jive talk, to ask a girl for a blowjob.
Hey gal where ya going? Get back here and bust me a shine
by kent brockman May 15, 2013

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legs that are nitro
You should have seen those nitrolegs that smoked those other legs.
by Kent Brockman July 22, 2003

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