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I can't stress how bad this place is. Little 9 year olds telling you to f*ck off when you are waiting at the bus stop, 6 people crammed into a small sh*tty car all with burberry hats on with a smurkish grin on their ugly faces, unemployment, drug abuse, etc etc etc. Need I go on.

I remember onetime when my 'friends' asked me to come out, and meet them at this field. Then they decided to beat the crap out of me. What sort of lowlife scum does that?!?

The worst part of Normanton is Q.E.D. (queens elizabeth drive)
I've been past there on the bus and believe me its not a pretty site. All you see is little chavettes drinking special brew, trying to 'impress the lads' with their hooped earings and terrible Yorkshire accent, not knowing that they're probably trying it on with their distant cousain, seen as though everyone is related in this sh*thole. Yeah everyone is inbread round here.

Now let me talk about the school there as well. Probably the worst school round wakefield. It's so bad the teachers dont even turn up because they cant handle the stress of it all. 85% of people there probably leave that school with no GCSE's and no future. The only future they'll possibly have is by getting a bricklaying apprentaship through their uncle or a 'friend of the family.' Or maybe being a painter/decorator. Anything that invovles them lounging around doing f*ck all and still getting paid at the same time!

The only 'ok' part in Normanton is the new estate, which is run by yobs at night who ride round on their 'crossers' (off-road motorbikes) with no helmets on thinking their hard.

This town is easily the worst place ever, over-run by drunken w*nkers, gypsies and anything else that is inbread. I strongly advise people not to visit this old mining village, as nothing can prepare you for the people of Normanton.

I could go on all day about this place, but I'm not so i'll leave it at that. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Good Day!"
Crappest town in Yorkshire is Normanton
by Stacy Stow September 14, 2006
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