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one of the first reallyREALLY big bands. psychotically popular in their day and still really really popular now only two are now alive paul and ringo they made millions and sold billions of cd's. They were really really influential and the best band ever their music will always b a classic
person 1: oh isnt that paul mcartney
Perosn 2: OMFG OMEGA no way i love the beatles paul paul i love u can i have ur autograph
by kellsbells125 February 22, 2005

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a greek name meaning god of underwater love-making
Arsalan Aquamemnon Ahmed oh jeez that guy must be an underwater sex god
by kellsbells125 November 11, 2006

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Well i subsiquently found out that they were some sort of a skort thing that people thought were cool in the 70's
omg did u see that ladys coolats she's stuck in the 70's
by kellsbells125 February 10, 2005

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qwerqwerqwerq wer were
wert wret wret wret wret
by Kellsbells125 January 11, 2005

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1) a tree really hard to say but v cool
2)the coolest word in the world not unlike the word fachalike a word u say like im right
1) wow look at that jabaticaba
2)omg i was right jabaticaba
by Kellsbells125 January 11, 2005

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YOU STOLE MY WORD i was sposed to b the only one that was there and noone ever defined it b4 and then ur like ohhhhhhhhh i'm gonna b all technical bout hte tree minnnnnneee
i'm right so JABATICABA
by kellsbells125 February 16, 2005

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v. means very v. for short cool way of saying things and is alot easier
omg that bag is V. cool
by Kellsbells125 January 11, 2005

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