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Arsalan is a name of a person usually from South Asian descent. Literal meaning of the word means brave or brave as a lion.

The lion in the movie 'Chronicles of Narnia' was called Azlan, which is very similar to the word Arsalan.
Arsalan can be an amazing guy only if he work on his attitude.
by IArchitect January 24, 2017
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A male individual with a cocky personality who has to possess the latest in American Apparel gear, skinny jeans, and leather jackets. He is very open to new indie trends and likes cute girls. Unfortunately, he hates everyone and only picks attractive friends.
"Arsalan is a cocky bitchface", is what was written in the bathroom stall. Many people agreed, and expressed their agreement by writing beside the said quote in the stall.
by farterhaters December 09, 2007
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Arsalan is a really chill guy once you get to know him , cocky at times ,also awkward but a true friend and true gentleman ((he kmows how to swoon a lady////
His favorite thing is love and being in love,he is an artist at heart who kno s how to play with word ,don’t get him on your bad side or he will darts wader the s**t out of you
stop it Arsalan
by True true true// May 18, 2018
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Arsalan defines: The King Of The Jungle. A smart ass who does stupid things to get attention. He hates totally hates boys with girl vibes/gay people.
Friend- Ay Arsalan go jump of the bridge
Arsalan- Sure as long as i'm famous
by ItsyahhBoyArsalan June 03, 2018
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bara hi acha banda hay bus is ko bhi kursi tornay ki bimari hay. aaj kal cybernet ki kursian tor raha hay.
Swisstex dekha hay?...bus phir nikal jao.
by abbu January 12, 2005
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The guy, usually called gay but is actually straight, is sometimes intelligent but not very often. He has some redeeming qualities but those are very few and the one's he does have have are great and they are the reason he is the, The guy
Oh my you are (Arsalan)
by DrFreelance February 23, 2014
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