78 definition by Kayla

a bad curse
He was jinxed for seven years for walking under a ladder
by Kayla May 04, 2004

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Another name for a Chevy Corsica.
Did you see that piece of shit sqiubby go by?
by Kayla May 04, 2004

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tramp, slut, skank, stripper, whore, bitch.... all the things that are related in anyway to these
katee, alysia, bree, courtney...and all those other skanks in my grade
by kayla July 23, 2003

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llewelyn is that nicest, sweetest, person ive ever met, he treats me so well, to bad he isnt my boyfriend:(, i lvoe him very much, he is my sexi superman, and he is my idol that rocks my socks!
Omg, i love llewelyn so much, he is everything!
by Kayla March 21, 2005

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A big looser!
Gosh, Gina is such a looserhead!
by Kayla January 08, 2004

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another word for "Your buisness"
Cack witch your muy
"Mind your own buisness"
by kayla December 27, 2003

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Son of April (Ape) Margera, and Phil Margera. Nephew to the all time sexy Don Vito. Viva La Bam is the best show on this planet. Living in P.A makes me proud knowing the coolest shit doesn't always happen in California. He is also the sexiest man alive. Come visit me in Butler, P.A!
The only example I can give that even COMPARES to Bam is Tony Hawk.
by Kayla June 16, 2004

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