19 definitions by Kash

1.Bengali Pronunciation for bastard
literally meaning bus catcher which in bengali is an insult to mention
2. To tell someone to catch a bus
1.Thui Basdor
you bastard
2. Thui Basdor
Go catch a bus
by Kash September 20, 2003
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tits. punjabi warld
whomens chest
by Kash November 8, 2003
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(v) the act of taking a shit after snorting a trail of crystal meth or coke.
Hey, uh, can I take a quick squirt in your restroom?
by Kash April 8, 2003
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Homestar runner is the main character of homestarrunner.com, he looks like a guy without arms who is white all over, wearing a red shirt with a star on it and a helicopter hat,he also has a serious speech impediment, he is stupid, but his stupidity often works well for him, he has a rival strongbad and a girlfriend marzipan he lives in free town- USA near prance, he is one of the coolest characters on the site aswell and his site is hilarious.
Homestar:Now class, i will show you how to make a wet computer out of strongbads computer, first, take some mountain dew, then apply liberally....

He pours mountain dew over strongbads computer

After a little wait

Woah this sodas like never ending
(singing)neeveer ending soodaa
by Kash August 20, 2004
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When you're wondering if your underaged girlfriend's parents are home.
The perve was skiddish untill he saw her mom's car pull out of the driveway.
by Kash March 9, 2005
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1.A bengali expression for someone who is lacking sufficient knowlage

2. A bengali expression for "Dick Head"
He's One Boga
He's One Boga
by Kash September 20, 2003
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