20 definitions by Kash

(v) the act of taking a shit after snorting a trail of crystal meth or coke.
Hey, uh, can I take a quick squirt in your restroom?
by Kash April 8, 2003
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When you're wondering if your underaged girlfriend's parents are home.
The perve was skiddish untill he saw her mom's car pull out of the driveway.
by Kash March 9, 2005
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Trichloroethane, the propellant in computer cleaner (aka, duster) that is inhaled for recreational purposes
by Kash April 8, 2003
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1. An extremely cool guy, supposedly came from dula
2. Someone who is extremely intelligent but at the same time very cool
Is he worthy of Kash?
Na, not yet, give or take a few more years
I wish I was Kashy
Yeah, wish is the right word!
by Kash March 22, 2005
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tits. punjabi warld
whomens chest
by Kash November 8, 2003
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just a way to explain how a female moves when she's bouncing or poppin tha booty
shake that aSs like a salt shaker
by Kash January 21, 2004
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