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A plastic penis that
a. women pleasure themselves with
b. women pleasure other women with
c. men use in their poop tubes

made for pleasure
Ram that dildo up my poop tube, you gay son of a bitch!
by Kara March 31, 2003

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is one of the only guys in the world who can pull off the long red hair thing.
I like your hair, man...
by Kara April 06, 2005

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someone who gets on your nerves badly
"What a bitchass"
"stupid bitchass mofo"
"get the hell away from me bitchass"
by kara December 16, 2003

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meaning "night"

Comes from combining the letter "n" and the german word "acht" (8) together to form "nacht", the German word for night.
myaimsn1: im going to bed, im tired.
thatonekid2: alright, n8.
myaimsn1:you too, c ya.
by Kara April 25, 2005

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1. A common word used by someone with a mild case of turrets syndrome.

2. Being incapable of just picking one swear word one just slurs them all together to create the ultimate sign of discomfort.
"Ah, shitassbitchmotherfucker it's raining outside, I hate the rain."
by Kara January 04, 2005

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Hexrpg. A really cool Harry Potter rpg site. www.hexrpg.com Founded by Hoojx. Hundreds of members. More than 2 years old. You can do all sorts of things like make a shop or rp. Full of crazy people that consider hex their home.
I'm grounded, but atleast I have my computer in my room so I can go on hex.

On a list of things I love, hex would be #1.

Me: Hey Sup?
Casey: Hey nothing
Me: what r u doing
Casey: I'm on hex!
by Kara August 27, 2004

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Beverly Hills 90210 was supposed to be called Potomac Md 20854 because Churchill Highschool is where they found the idea.
jappy pot head girls, juicy throughout the school,
by Kara February 22, 2005

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