7 definitions by Kanaska

1. Short form of "hardcore"
2. To be considered an extreme, in-your-face type of presence.
-"Man that song I heard at that concert last night was so core!"
-"Sometimes I think she's just pretending to be all core to try to stand out of the crowd."
by Kanaska August 16, 2003
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1. Lingo, slang writing for spelling "head". As in giving oral sex to a guy.

(Typically used on the internet by some lame guy who is trying to hide the fact that he cybers, so his mom won't find out.)
-"Do U Give Hed?" (notice the "U" instead of you. Also very lame.)
-"Man this girl gave me the most incredible hed ever last night! ...here's her number. Only cost me 3 dollars!"
by Kanaska August 16, 2003
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Other ways to say it: Hermie; Hermie McHermerson

1. Short term slang for hermaphrodite. A human born with mixed genitalia or deformed genitalia.
"Man, that girl's got a penis! What a hermo!!"
by Kanaska August 16, 2003
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It's a twist on the story Pinocchio! Gepetto has got it for Pinocchio sexualy.

1. An old man who sexually has the desire to be with younger boys.
2. A male pedophile.
-"Ew! That old man was just checking you out, he's totally got it for you! What a Gepedophile!"

-"Lie to me Pinocchio! Lie to me!"
"Gepetto? You're such a Gepedophile!"

(this word, courtesy of my brother Scott)
by Kanaska August 16, 2003
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1. Slang form of Brother; friend; companion.
-"What is up with you my Brothair?"
-"How's it hanging Brothair?"
...Shrivelled and TO THE LEFT!

(unnecessary answer!!)
by Kanaska August 16, 2003
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1. Descriptive word for a person who believes they are better than everyone else.
-"That guy thinks he's all bickety bad."
by Kanaska August 16, 2003
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The Greeting taken from the movie Pocahontas.

1. To Greet, with a certain hand gesture. (A Must to see the movie Pocahontas...trust me, it's ALL the rage.)
-"Wingapo Father."
-"You Wingapo muh Bruthas!"
by Kanaska August 16, 2003
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