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Actually spelled what the deally yo?

This term came from the hip hop song Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See - by Busta Rhymes. From the When Disaster Strikes album released in 1997.

Verse - "Silly with my nine milli, what the deally yo?"

It's a slang term meaning "What's going on?". It actually derives from "What is the deal yo?"
"Yo, I thought we were all going to the club. Now you guys just wanna chill. What the deally yo?"
by KTownFook May 26, 2005

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A term used to describe the event of taking part in playing X-Box.
"What the hell are we going to do now that we've run out of beer?"

"I dunno. Let's just chill here and x-box it up."

by KTownFook May 27, 2005

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A combination of two words describing a woman's large breasts. HUGE + BOOBS = HOOBS
Now that Sheena has had her breast augmentation, she has a much larger chest than the other women. I guess you can say that "She's got Hoobs".
by KTownFook May 20, 2005

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1.Used to describe a situation when one person hears one word - while someone else hears another.

2.Used to settle an arguement over what word was used in a sentence. Similar to declaring "The situation will never be solved, so just shut up about it."

After Turkey Chicken is used - the arguement finished.

There is no response required for a Turkey Chicken.
J.P. "Mor, did you just ask for salt in your coffee?"

Mor "No. I asked for SUGAR."

Scot "I heard salt too."

Rod "No way! He said sugar."

J.P. "Oh well, Turkey Chicken."
by KTownFook May 26, 2005

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This term was once used by a Newfoundlander in a conversation. He used this term in place of "end table". See example to see the true meaning.
J.P. "Snook, where's your remote?"

Snook "Onda hen table."


Snook "Over onda hen table!"

J.P. "Spell that for me.....hen table???"

Snook "H-E-N table.....hen table."
by KTownFook January 09, 2006

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Similar to the common word idiot, an Ih-diot is a more advanced form of a moron. This term is pronounced more with the emphasis on the first syllable, as if there's an exclamation point after it. Compared to saying d'oh for someone else's stupid mistake.
Very insulting.
Me- "Did you know that Snook thought that an end table was actually a hen table?"

Scot- "No way!"

Me- "I swear he did!"

Scot- "Ih-diot!"
by KTownFook May 27, 2005

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Used to describe something that is extremely ugly - just as ugly as an actual "boiled boot" would be....use your imagination.
I can't believe Mark went home with that ugly chick. Couldn't he tell she had a face like a boiled boot?
by KTownFook May 26, 2005

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