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about to, in the procces of doing something
person1: get yo butt up there and clean that room boy!

person2: i'm finna do it
by kp March 29, 2005

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The fab four is the rock and roll band of the early sixties-early seventies. Also known as the Beatles. Widely known for such songs as I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. They are the original any fab numeral.
I saw the fab four in chicago during their tour of '65. I love Paul!
by KP February 01, 2005

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A libertarian is someone who believes that you should have the freedom to do whatever you choose, other than to hurt or take away that freedom from someone else.

The only reason for the government is to make sure that people don't take away freedom of another person. Any extra rules enforced are not needed, and are an invasion of personal liberty.
Clint Eastwood is a libertarian.
by KP January 14, 2004

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"Dick" in gujarati it called lodo...
Le maro lodo
by KP August 27, 2003

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A noxious smelling quim. *not* good enough to eat. If a known slut, probably due to an earlier deposit having been made.
I went muff-diving on katie the other night...but as soon as she opened her legs it was clear she had a haddock pasty under there!
by KP September 17, 2003

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an exclusive group of people who don't conform to what everyone else is doing, and aren't clones (since most muffins turn out the same). Originated from the book, A Ring of Endless Light, by Madeleine L'Engle.
Maria considered herself part of the anti muffin club, since she went against the grain of other people around her.
by Kp November 13, 2004

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The plural form of potato cannon.
"Look at how many potato cannons I've built!"
by KP July 14, 2004

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