A spiral notebook with the name of a jr. or sr. high girl (usually) written on the top line. The books is passed around among classmates who write nasty things (slam) on the page under the girl's name.
La Nadra Moore

Ho' Lez Thief

She's a bitch. Stole my Tyrone.

Got chlamydia and who knows what.
by Richard Black March 12, 2005
usually a thing that girls do.
it is a book that usually contains really mean crap about another girl.
when these books get out they could start a huge disaster.
(at the top of page in slam book-name)- Blah
omfg she is such a bitch
yeah she was like trying to steal my boyfriend
did she really?...waht a hoe
(book gets out)
blah: wtf?..i did not?????....y do u guyys hate meee?

principal might get into it and find out where the book started (or atleast try to)
by Gabbie<333 February 19, 2010
usually a spiral bound book where a collection of people can slam thier own opinions down about a question/idea written at the top of each page.
(Written at the top of the page)Which is a better mode of transportation, hybrid car or gasoline car? (Then you write your first name, and your answer).
by SugrAnne June 11, 2005
A book, usually a notebook where you right something mean about people you don't like.
Ooh, she made me mad yesterday, I'm adding her in my slam book.
by Ya-Ya March 6, 2005
Books which would contain a person or teacher topic of some sort and was passed around where other students would write mean or harshful comments about them. In other words, "slamming" them, hence the term. They came around the 1940's and have since been forgotten and are mainly nationally banned. Virtual slam books are publicised on the internet where a question will be asked and the original "book" will be returned to the author, filled in.

The origin of the name can be:
To slam students, or other faculty.
Or the book was slammed when the teacher was near.
Me: I heard Jen has spread like wildfire on the slam books.
by SnowKid32 April 8, 2008