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Meaning to re-pay or pay for something taken or used in advance of payment.

Commonly used in New Zealand when acquiring a tinnie before dole-day.

'Hook-you-up' can be used as substitute in most situations.
Cuz flick us a tinnie now and I'll fix you up on payday bro
by KIWIJARED February 4, 2011
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Ynui - (Y-nui) (Why-noo-ee)

A shortened version for Wainuiomata (Wai-nui-o-mata), a suburb of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

Wainuiomata is often shortened to Wainui, but is not to be confused with the actual town of Wainui which is situated some 500 kilometres north of Wainuiomata.

Hometown of world famous rugby legend and All-Blacks team captain Tana Umaga, and current All-Black's Piri Weepu and Neemia Tialata.

Also known only by people who have lived or are living in Wainuiomata as 'Da Nui'.

Locals are also known as Wainuiomartians or Wainuians.

Ynui is the definitive written slang for Wainuiomata, as evidenced by thousands of tags and scrawlings Wellington-wide.
" E-tah bo you'se neva sed you'se was from da Nui al "

" Yeh bo Ynui-HAAAARD "

" Fahr tumeke cuz, tumeke, mean-as fulla for a Wainuian "

" Yeah nah bo my uncle was a Wainuiomartian from way back . Yae-ahh. Churr, chur ".
by KIWIJARED February 4, 2011
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Slang word for 'fuck' used by New Zealanders.

Used mostly when reacting to something either very positive or negative.

Like a lot of kiwi slang, the word starts clearly then fades off rapidly towards the end.
FAHR no way did you see that?
by KIWIJARED February 4, 2011
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Relaxing of the word "Cheers".

Cheers became cheer became chur/churr.

Originally the parting or congratulatory "Cheers Bro"
it is now widely cemented as "Chur bo" as the 'r' has become lost.
Churr bo I'll fix you up on Thursday
by KIWIJARED February 4, 2011
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Shortening of Wainuiomata, a tough hard-core town in Wellington, New Zealand.

Residents of Wainui are known for being relaxed about their appearance and the disproportionately large number of beneficiaries living there. It is not uncommon for young Wanuiomata residents to wander down the local mall in their pyjamas and slippers after an afternoons tagging.

Also earlier known as 'Nappy Valley', Wainuiomata was a new city of young mothers and hard-working men who liked nothing more than beer, babes, and brawling.
The main centrally located taverna was the site of many altercations between groups of citizens roughly divided into five distinct groups: Rugby players (league or union), gang members (Black Power or Mongrel Mob), Honkies (People of European descent), Hori's (Maori or indigenous peoples) and Boongas (pacific islanders). All other races had to own or operate a dairy or take-away shop else they would be run out of town.

In 1981, in the first instance of it's kind in New Zealand, police were locked out of the central tavern by patrons involved in an all-out five-way melee.

Wainuiomata is a city-within-a-city, being 20 minutes from the nations capital, yet entirely surrounded by very large hills with only one way in and out (unless by sea). In recent years Wainui has become a more relaxed suburb, with the aging or imprisonment of most of it's progenitors. Male hairdressers and Asiatic races are now mostly safe in public daylight hours.
"I'm from Wainui bro, born and bred brutha".
by KIWIJARED February 4, 2011
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