Ynui - (Y-nui) (Why-noo-ee)

A shortened version for Wainuiomata (Wai-nui-o-mata), a suburb of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

Wainuiomata is often shortened to Wainui, but is not to be confused with the actual town of Wainui which is situated some 500 kilometres north of Wainuiomata.

Hometown of world famous rugby legend and All-Blacks team captain Tana Umaga, and current All-Black's Piri Weepu and Neemia Tialata.

Also known only by people who have lived or are living in Wainuiomata as 'Da Nui'.

Locals are also known as Wainuiomartians or Wainuians.

Ynui is the definitive written slang for Wainuiomata, as evidenced by thousands of tags and scrawlings Wellington-wide.
" E-tah bo you'se neva sed you'se was from da Nui al "

" Yeh bo Ynui-HAAAARD "

" Fahr tumeke cuz, tumeke, mean-as fulla for a Wainuian "

" Yeah nah bo my uncle was a Wainuiomartian from way back . Yae-ahh. Churr, chur ".
by KIWIJARED February 4, 2011
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