New Zealand gang.

'Mobsters' are mostly Male but Females are known to join.
Predominently a Maori gang but can include Caucasian and Pacific Island members.

Chapters include eg 'Aotearoa', 'Rogues',
'Notorious', 'Mighty Mongrel Mob (MMM)' and others throughout the country.

Patches include Red and Black colours, American bulldog symbol also used.

Rival of 'Black Power' gang.

Refer to each other as dogs.
eg "What you been up to dog?".

Bark like dogs as a show of power and respect for the gang.
eg When being convicted in a courthouse.

The 'Surfy' (thumb and pinky finger) hand gesture is widely used among members.

To get "patched up" males must undergo severe beatings from other members and if they can handle it they then become the rank of "prospect" in which they must do as asked by senior ranks and are usually used to commit smalltime crimes
eg car theft, burglaries, selling drugs etc

For woman they are given the choice of getting the "beats" or "the block" where they are forced into having abusive sex with numerous members of the gang as others watch.
"Police report a rise in recent gang tension between Mongrel Mob and Black Power members"

"Sieg heil!!"
"Sieg fuck!!"
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