kiwi for thanks, cool, sweet etc
'that was choice eh bro!'
by munga October 28, 2003
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New Zealand slang for thank-you.
John: Give me some more chips bro.
Alex: Sure.
John: Chur.
by Limewax August 22, 2008
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A term of agreement said only by Maori bros who wear socks with their jandals.
"that was a mean feed bro"

by eisbar May 20, 2009
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(freind) hey come over here and chill for a while.
(me)chur why not
by im not saying November 15, 2004
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chur is another way of saying "sure".

also see chur chursty chursday mixchur furnichur strutchur churmander churros churkey torchur picchur fixchur churific
"i'm chur it's this way"
"you chur that's a good idea?"
"i'm not too chur about this"
"you chur?"
by churrr May 23, 2010
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the part of the body that stupid people act like; the part most commonly referred to as the "behind", "ass" or "kiester"
Cory and Chris played with each other's chur while watching gay porn.
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
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