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No Fucking Idea
The manager has NFI of the work that goes on around here...
by KGB July 10, 2002
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We ain't comin' out
by KGB September 26, 2003
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Russian Komitet gosudarstvennoi bezopasnosti
Hes an Ex-KGB member.
by KGB December 14, 2003
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A famous Halo modder, known for his extensive reverse engineering work, his groundbreaking mods, and his modding application Halo Map Tools.
MonoxideC pwns the n00bs, including j00!
by KGB February 11, 2005
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Cover Your Arse
We need to implement a CYA policy so we don't get found out..
by KGB July 10, 2002
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describe FOB/Paki's and eastindain who are fresh off the boat and smelly.
Man 1: Ew...Whats thay awful smell?
Man 2: Its those damn dippers.
man 3: Vut U SAY jew silly
by KGB July 24, 2004
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