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The process of analysing an existing
system to identify its components and their interrelationships
and create representations of the system in another form or at
a higher level of abstraction. Reverse engineering is usually
undertaken in order to redesign the system for better
maintainability or to produce a copy of a system without
access to the design from which it was originally produced
Bill Gates reverse engineered the Macintosh 1986 OS to create windows '95. < that is an example of reverse engineering
by MistahTom April 19, 2006
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Several meanings but among these is a new occupation / department that is affiliated or works with world-wide engineering and departments of rewrite.

For example: low-tech hackers, people who do everything wrong by accident or on purpose and are therefore well-positioned to think of loopholes or the what-ifs, and all of the people underrepresented at present in engineering (women, queers, blacks) at present (and subject to change).
S1: Reverse engineers are often Pynchon fans don't ask me why.

S2: Did you hear the news? Engineering was seriously lacking in action and they finally had to let all of the reverse engineers in so that people could get their groove on. Hears Nelly playing in the background ... "it's getting hot in here, let's take off all our clothes!"
by Violet Ash June 12, 2017
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C'est quand tu te fais avoir.
Sale merde.
je sais pas reverse engineering
by frgbgnrtght October 9, 2020
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