cigs dipped in the PCP
y'all got dem dippers, u know where to find mah
by Joey Crack November 18, 2004
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scousers, anyone from liverpool or a supporter of liverpool football club
those dippers, nothing but murderers, racists, hubcap stealers, benefit claimers and low life criminals
by izi January 28, 2006
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describe FOB/Paki's and eastindain who are fresh off the boat and smelly.
Man 1: Ew...Whats thay awful smell?
Man 2: Its those damn dippers.
man 3: Vut U SAY jew silly
by KGB July 24, 2004
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Used to describe one who can run very fast, with the ability to dip away from someont chasing you.
In refference to one's feet
Chad Johnson has got some dippers on him.
The cops wont catch him, hes got some dippers
by Who Dey February 15, 2006
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Those who choose to not only double dip, but sometimes triple and quadruple dip as well.
(Sheryl) "Really Dave? I just saw you dip that chip at least 3 times!"
(Dave) "Yeah?"
(Sheryl) "...I don't share with dippers."

*Sheryl leaves infuriated*
by tldrplz June 17, 2011
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