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can be used to describe how bad u need to take a dump or can refer to something like breathe
man get away, u got kaki breathe

i need to take a major kaki
by KG March 02, 2004
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Hair growth in the pubic region. Used in Sara in the television series C.S.I. Season 5 Episode 8.
That's a lot of bikini wax. Some girls hate the nether stubble.
by KG April 15, 2005
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Door that open upward. Usualy front doors of custom made Tuning cars.

Orgininaly equiped on Lamborghini Countach/Diablo/Murcielago etc...
I just put some sick lamborghini doors on my M3.
by KG August 12, 2004
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a weed carrier can also be a rapper who has become famous because of their boss
for example, G-Unit is 50 cents weed carriers
by KG April 16, 2005
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originating from turn of the century scotland it means gay man/one who slings it up the gary glitter
davie the man who carries the invisible buckets of sand taylor
by KG December 27, 2004
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A word used to describe the mountain on the terrorist right side of the map Abandonded. It is a popular camping spot for CaUtIoN and was named by OVERLORD.
I'm going to go on Banajia and camp like a wussy.
by KG August 13, 2004
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