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A word used by people when talking about whether or not the footballer Steven Gerrard's baby is his or not. It envelopes the same meaning as 'not even his'.
Spoken mostly by people from Liverpool and more prominently Everton supporters, such as Jamie Carragher for example who is both.
Jamie Carragher's missus- Jamie wake up love we've got to get to Steven Gerrard's baby's christening.

Jamie Carragher- Aww fuckin' 'ell love do we 'ave to? It's noreveniz!
by KEJIAN March 03, 2009

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Buswork is an art. The art of rushing your homework on the bus to school; either because you forgot to do it at home or just couldn't be bothered.

Buswork is a tricky task to undertake and people who can pull it off deserve a lot of respect.

Some of the possible obstacles are:-
Cramped conditions,
Trying not to let the school grass see you,
Trying not to let the school bully stop you,
Being tired on the bus,
Trying to keep your handwriting to a decent level whilst being rocked all over the fucking bus.
The most difficult part of all to master is remembering not to miss your stop.

This list is not exhaustive.

Because of the many obstructions to deal with buswork very rarely results in a high grading, with F to D being the usual outcome. Anyone who scores above this is either a genius…Or the teachers pet and wouldn’t need to do any buswork because they wouldn’t get in trouble anyway, the teacher loves them.
Example 1
Timmy-I was playing Halo last night and totally forgot about my English essay. I had to do some buswork on the way to school.

Example 2
Timmy-Fuck my homework I'm playing Halo...I'll just do buswork tomorrow.
by KEJIAN March 05, 2009

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Mental condition which relates to the momentary feeling of utter panic you suffer when you wake up in a different location to your normal place of sleep (i.e. Your bed at home) having forgotten you were sleeping somewhere else.
Guy who wakes up- Jesus! Where the F**k am I? Oh right…I’m staying at a hotel this weekend. Phew. That was a bad case of wrong room recall.
by KEJIAN February 26, 2009

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The act of stealing food from one who is sleeping. Can also include other items such as T.V. remotes, newspapers and money.
Example 1

Having fallen asleep on the train Wendy awoke to find her mcmuffin and newspaper had been stolen. She was a victim of slumberplunder.

Example 2

Wendy- Yawn…Hey where have my Doritos gone?

Jeff- I finished them off whilst you were asleep.

Wendy- That’s so slumberplunder!
by KEJIAN February 26, 2009

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A term given to a long and deliberate expulsion of gas from the anus after a meal, mainly a roast rich in veg, such as Christmas dinner etc, usually performed when in the company of others.
Example 1
Ted-Hey guy’s if you would like to raise your glasses, I have an after dinner speech to make.

Example 2
Wendy-We all had a lovely meal last night and then we all thought Ted was going to make a fitting after dinner speech when he stood up…But he just farted.
by KEJIAN March 02, 2009

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The part of your mind that makes you feel guilty for shouting at the dog.
This is a classic example of canine-conscience;

Guy-You naughty boy!!! You've P**sed all over the bed. Hmm was I too hard on him there?
by KEJIAN February 26, 2009

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Similar sensation to the ‘Friday Feeling’, it’s the feeling you get when you wake up early and suddenly remember it’s your day off.
Guy who wakes up- Man, I can’t be bothered with work today…Hey wait its Saturday, Man I love that freeday feeling. Zzzzz.
by KEJIAN February 26, 2009

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