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A super-confident, fearless person. One who can overcome any obstacle/person in a suave, easy-going manner.
Chuck Norris single-handedly tackled those 10 crooks, he is so Dabangg.
by K-905 September 22, 2010

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When you go to someone's house for a party and the flush is not working properly, different people's poo get accumulated in the commode. In the end, it just seems like various people have contributed to the poo in the bowl - hence 'potty luck'.
Yesterday, I organized a pot luck party in my house without realizing my flush wasn't working properly. By the end of the day, it seemed my bathroom had hosted a potty luck.
by K-905 January 28, 2011

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A wannabe who pretends he is not a wannabe by pretentiously acting as an intellectual and taking extra pains to bring conventional wannabes down in order to feel good about himself.
Brad wants to look cool by going out of his way to mock Michael Bolton fans. He is just a pseudo-wannabe!
by K-905 October 13, 2010

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