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Lying, or acting out of charater via text messaging
Dora: Rob said he was napping
Lilly: Really because he was talking to me like ten minutes ago...
Dora: Man, he is so Cell-phoney
by Justine_Hawley February 5, 2009
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The effects of staying in Canada's most boring province for too long. Symptoms may include: Nausea, Boredom, Obesity, Severe headaches,Excessive fido fornication, and in severe cases losing your mind completley. Can be cured by moving somewhere populated, more exciting or beautiful
Doctor: Hmm, you say that he has been living in Regina for two months now? That explains it...I'm sorry M'am, your son has Saskatchewan Syndrome. I think if you want to cure him...move him somewhere very populated.
by Justine_Hawley March 2, 2009
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When one has the addictive behavior of being an asshole
Jeff: Aww man, Joe totally ripped on me today

Wayne: Yea, I hear he is suffering from assholism...
by Justine_Hawley February 5, 2009
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A person well trained in the act of fun
Jenny: Man, I feel so sad, I am in a rut...I'm just not that happy

Lindsey: Girl, you need to hire a funologist
by Justine_Hawley February 5, 2009
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A product, or person advertised by the disney corparation. Often talentless, bad actors, bad singers. Some of them are whores ( Miley Cyrus) some are bimbos (Jonas brothers) They usually attract large amounts of pre-adolecent girls, and sometimes boys. Not to be trusted. Or liked.
John: Whos miley cyrus..?
Jane: only the stupidest disney star to grace the earth
by Justine_Hawley November 15, 2008
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When something unexpected happens, or when some thing is to good to be true
Jeff: I crashed my car, like its destroyed
Lisa: Un-fucking-real? are you serious?
Jeff: Hells ya
by Justine_Hawley February 5, 2009
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