9 definitions by Justin Thorson

What Would King Harkinian Do?
A question all true warriors must answer. It comes from the famously shit-tastic Zelda CD i series. Most of the time this involves wondering whats for dinner and punishing Duke Onkled.
"Wonder what's for DINNER, of course!"
by Justin Thorson March 22, 2009
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The process of freeification. Often used by George Bush to justify invading Iraq.
We're gonna freeify these Iraqistani peoples.
by Justin Thorson April 22, 2008
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1. Snynonym for suckiness on a level previously unknown to man. An object so reviled that even its name inspires fear and loathng into all who have heard of it or seen it.
2. A 2008 "comedy" film that fits the description above. Quite possibly the worst thing ever to have shed light upon this earth.
1. That band sucked so hard, it was Disaster Movie.
2. Oh my god! After being unfortunate enough to see Disaster Movie, I can truly say that I have endured something worse than death! In fact death would be a welcome relief from the enduring pain I have suffered from seeing this Shit Bomb.
by Justin Thorson September 10, 2008
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Quite possibly the most evil animals on earth. Behind their cute, adorable facade lies an evil beast waiting to destroy us all. The most evil ones are the Black Canadian variety.
One day walking through the woods, some squirrels decided to attack me, but I managed to fend them off with a near-by branch.
by Justin Thorson September 30, 2008
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What you check out when you need instructions on how to get through the hotels.
"If you need instructions on how to get through the hotels, check out the enclosed instruction book."
by Justin Thorson September 10, 2008
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The process of either creating awesome or converting something un-awesome into something awesome.
I believe that through the process of awesomification, we can make America more awesome.
by Justin Thorson October 22, 2008
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Exactly what it implies: the floating head of mario from the asstastic educational game, Mario Teaches Typing 2. Says many incredible, awesome things as "Imma bet you can't do this! WEEEEEEEE!" "Oh,nice computer you got here! Can I have it" and "Oh boy! Finally imma get to move onthe ground"
Inventor of the epic "Mariocise"
Mario's floating head is awesome. Apparently he wants somethingto drinkie!
by Justin Thorson October 23, 2008
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