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aka MurdaVille aka Money Earnin' Vernon where stars are from...

Home of: Phylicia Rashad (Bill Cosby's TV Wife), Denzel Washington, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Heavy D, Al. B Sure, Ben Gordon (on Chicago Bulls), Lynn From "Good Day NY" (Fox 5 Morning News), Misa Hylton-Brim ,etc!!!

Borders the Bronx

Yes it's Ghetto, but has come up. Both rich and average class folks live there. Most hated on city in Westchester County, and often imitiated..never duplicated. Yonkers, New Rochelle,etc can complain but MV has its history. If Mt. Vernon had as much economic support and land as the other cities, it would be even better!
Person 1: "I'm from Mount Vernon"
Person 2: "Where is it located?"
Person 3: "In Westchester...Next to the Bronx, New Rochelle & Yonkers"

- Mount Vernon Boys' Basketball Team: Successful State Champions several times in a row

- Mount Vernon High School students accepted in top schools such as NYU,Columbia University, Cornell University, UPenn, Princeton, Yale,etc often...so the education must be decent here.
by Juana4ev September 25, 2005

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Another word for shitted or shatted. To OD or overdo it. Kill it.

He squatted on his rhymes. I don't think his opponent can recover from that diss.
by Juana4ev November 06, 2005

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When describing someone's physical trait as a good thing.

Someone who is attractive, that you would be interested in
Yo, that chick is mad tough! You saw her face and she got a banging body?! ~Frontline

Don't holla at her..she ain't mad tough son. She's mad weak... lost points with that forehead.
by Juana4ev November 06, 2005

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Someone who isn't strongly attractive in your opinion. Might be someone ugly or not your speed
That boy is mad weak. Why was he trying to holler at me?
by Juana4ev November 06, 2005

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Alternative use of s'keet (has nothing to do with cum).

A person who is nasty in a playful way or wilds out alot. Also can be known as a skeeter for males.
I seen you dancing at the club, you skeet/skeeter.

Daron, you are such a skeeter...we saw you skeetin with all them chicks at the meeting; tryin to get their number.
by Juana4ev November 06, 2005

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An expression usually said when giving props to someone who shitted or shatted or squatted

They did the unexpected
I can't believe that happened! He/she murdered!!!
by Juana4ev November 06, 2005

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At your level or in your interest
He is definitely my speed. I wanna get with him.

He is not my speed or type. I like dark-skinned guys more.
by Juana4ev November 06, 2005

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