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Pimples. Acne.
Dude, I'm so bearded!

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Hypothetical (almost mythical) eight-headed penis only ever captured in crude pencil sketches in the 1980s.
Dude, who drew Amphiblio in my U.S. History book?

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Mythical 1980s exchange student who was a ladies man.
Dude, all the chicks love Sven Clitorski!

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Term of endearment given to 1980s male with curved penis.
Can't wait to shower after the game with The Hook!

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Someone who attempts jokes but those jokes fall flat. A 1980s reference to MLB pitcher Nolan Ryan who threw hard strikes. Similarly, a Nolan is trying to crack jokes but striking out.
After a lame attempt at humor... Strike! Wow, Nolan here is throwing gas!

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1980s reference to best position in class to inappropriately leer at cleavage of classmates.
Dude, I'm going to hustle to class to get the 50-yard line!

Nice job you perv!

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Afraid to fuck.
Though she was nude and ready to bone, Erik wouldn't fuck his high school girlfriend. She even tried to goad him into it by calling him a chicken ass. To no avail, he lacked the courage to root.

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