A suburb east of Houston, officially known as Pasadena. Name is derived from the air quality.
You can say what you want about Stinkadena, but at least the air is greener.
by Jose Pendejo May 8, 2003
1.) Originally Pasadena, a suburb southeast of Houston, TX; name dirived from the air that floats in from Houston, but lingers over our poor town.
2.) home to many drug addicts and pushers, as well as drunken high school students
3.) not much to do there on weekends except drink or do drugs, which is why there are so many druggies and drunks.
I live in Stinkadena and all we ever do is get drunk, high, or race our cars down East Ave.
by Andira November 24, 2003
Is a small town outside of Houston where High School is the greatest thing you will ever accomplish. You'll have a bunch of dumbass friends who think they are cool but once they graduate they aren't shit. It is filled with a bunch of old beaners with truck crews that hit on high school girls and knock them up before they realize that the guy is a loser who will work at the plant for the rest of his life. Also Pasadena High School host the Burn Sam annually and kick Rayburn's ass! Also Pasadena Memorial is full of a bunch of stupid white kids who aren't rich enough to live in clear lake but aren't poor enough to go to South Houston so congrats to you middle class losers, you're one step above us drunkies. Oh and all the high schools are full of gays and bisexuals. Seriously it's full of them. They wear tight pants and have long stylish hair and everywhere you go you see two girls kissing or two guys licking each others balls. Its true I see it everyday.
Former Pasadena HS Students Linger on Burn Sam Memories ^Biggest Memory in their lifes^ & skipping school. Stinkadena
by Usbaldo "Zooner" Tovar December 1, 2009
First let’s start with the best, SHHS you already know let’s go trojans, filled with a bunch of wildin ass niggas and guys that think soccer is a SPORT, soho girls are the biggest hoes, Up next we have PHMS where a bunch of asians and whites go that think they’re the shit, and also a soho transfers whose parents want a better futer for them, right next to them is that trash school CTHS that we only think twice about concidering it a PISD school because of the pretty girls, not to mentions there’s a bunch of nerds and weirdos in that school, PHS is just ass and DOBIE IS LITTT AFFF YOO
what school district you from ? I’m from that stinkadena school district cuhhhh
by Proud Stinkdenean October 1, 2018
Pasadena, Texas; known for its smelly air from chemical plants on the Houston Ship waterways.

"The Smell of Money" according to one columnist for the Houston Chronicle daily newspaper.

Endearing name like "Windy City", and Cake-eaters.
Growing up here in Stinkadena, Texas, I know I'm home when I can smell Pasadena.
by Mr. Meek February 20, 2008