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When taken almost literally, it means someone is unintelligent or unequipped to talk to a specific person or about a subject. Although it has ironic connotations to mean that the interlocutor or the person they are speaking with is on another level/wavelength.
Compared to my friend, big brain Bojack, who is simultaneously discussing Kant's Deontology and Quantum Mechanical superposition, I have a small brain.
by Jorolb November 30, 2020
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People who recognize that they can not debate their way through life. They need to take action to reach the goals they want. On the path toward accomplishing their goals, they have to take actions that may not be ideal.
Unlike Jim, who lives with his mother and debates people on Discord, I am a pragmatist. I believe doing things in the actual world will lead to my happiness.
by Jorolb December 7, 2020
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Short-spoken person.
Hey Omoregie. Wanna grab some ice cream?
by Jorolb November 23, 2021
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An unassertive and unenthusiastic person.
Her middle name is Osawaru
by Jorolb November 23, 2021
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Lil Durk's verse in Drake's hit single "Laugh Now Cry Later". A popular phrase used by some. It means, despite gaining a lot of fame and wealth, Durk is still in the hood. Lil Durk has not forgotten where he came from.
Malachi: The boy, Jacob, catted. The boy think he all that, now he don't wanna be associated with us.
Jacob: I'm in the trenches, relax.
by Jorolb December 6, 2020
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