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Another word for libtard. Typically used by internet conservatives and Republicans (who get information from poorly sourced/low-factual accuracy outlets).
Timmy: California has gone *full retard*, according to Breitbart it is full of radical-leftists and Antifa.
Bob: Whatever you say, Timmy.
by Jorolb December 6, 2020
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When people take on a task they are not ready for or is hard.
I haven’t been swimming for a long time, but I think I am ready to take on the deep end.
I’m not a big social person, but after graduating I’ve been in the deep end (socializing).
by Jorolb March 15, 2021
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A variant of "damn", spelled wrong, intentionally or unintentionally.
Dame, that was not cool.
Damn, that was not cool.
by Jorolb December 6, 2020
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May be used interchangeably with Impression
She had weird vibes

She left a weird impression on me
by Jorolb December 25, 2021
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When taken almost literally, it means someone is unintelligent or unequipped to talk to a specific person or about a subject. Although it has ironic connotations to mean that the interlocutor or the person they are speaking with is on another level/wavelength.
Compared to my friend, big brain Bojack, who is simultaneously discussing Kant's Deontology and Quantum Mechanical superposition, I have a small brain.
by Jorolb November 30, 2020
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