People who recognize that they can not debate their way through life. They need to take action to reach the goals they want. On the path toward accomplishing their goals, they have to take actions that may not be ideal.
Unlike Jim, who lives with his mother and debates people on Discord, I am a pragmatist. I believe doing things in the actual world will lead to my happiness.
by Jorolb December 7, 2020
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John told his friends he was a pragmatist, Really he was just to ashamed to say he supported the torrie party
by Gibbiceps November 21, 2018
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An individual who values creativity and pragmatism in daily life applies both to their style choices. They thrive on personal expression and use fashion to express that creativity. In equal measure, the CP desires functionality, a real practicality in how clothing works in their wardrobe. When creativity and pragmatism are in balance, they feel like themselves the most.
Person 1: Oh my gosh that chic lady walking down the street looks so chill yet refined.

Person 2: She must be a creative pragmatist.
by Iamcreativepragmatist August 6, 2021
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